Thursday, September 3, 2009

Using Illustrator for Logos

Note to Intro Class:
Wednesday in class we will start using the computer for logo development. You should come to class prepared with a hand drawn logo ready to scan. This logo could be small but would work better if it is drawn at the size of your hand and filled in with marker. It is always best to start with a scan when developing work on a computer. We tend to see better and draw better naturally by hand. Once scanned we can force the computer to re-create faithfully our aesthetic choices. If you do not start with a scan there is a tendency to let the computer decide what is easiest to do. A computer created logo doesn't need to look like it was done on a computer. There are ways to make sure that your lines and curves still feel lively and natural. We will be primarily learning to use the vector pen tool. When using the pen tool try to use as few points as possible. Curving points should be placed at the extremes of a curve and have equally balanced control handles. This will all make sense later. You are welcome to use the same logo that you inked by hand, but it would be better for your portfolio to try a different logo. Perhaps another one from your process that you didn't choose to ink up. Inked logo is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday. If you require feedback, post it on your blog.

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